Located in the heart of South Jakarta, Dungeon Pool Lounge is the perfect venue for playing pool.


When it comes to having fun and relaxation after work or just recreation at the weekend, why not come to the Premier pool venue in Jakarta? Dungeon Pool Lounge is without doubt the best place to go.

Our bar is over 400 sqm and has 7 full size Top of the range tournament pool tables, which are maintained to the highest standards, using championship cloth. We have 2 HD big screens and 8 HD TVs showing all the latest sporting action from around the world and a also showing your favorite music videos.

We also have live music on Fridays for your entertainment, even if you do not play pool.

The atmosphere in Dungeon is very warm and relaxed. It's like a home away from home with great atmosphere. The staff are always helpful and friendly. Our lovely PR girls will look after you when playing pool even if you come alone.

Dungeon is also a place for you to have fun and make new friends. Come visit us soon and find out why everyone is talking about it.

Meantime catch us on Facebook to see what we have been up to and future events coming soon. We look forward to seeing and serving you and most importantly having fun together. Cheers!

Terletak di jantung Jakarta Selatan, Dungeon Pool Lounge adalah tempat yang sempurna untuk bermain biliar. 

Bila anda ingin bersenang-senang dan santai setelah bekerja atau hanya untuk rekreasi pada akhir pekan, mengapa tidak datang ke venue biliar Premier di Jakarta? Dungeon Pool Lounge tentu saja tempat terbaik. 

Barnya memiliki luas 400 m2 dan 7 meja biliar ukuran standar seri turnamen, yang dipelihara dengan standar tertinggi dan menggunakan kain kejuaraan. Kami memiliki 2 HD layar besar dan 8 HD TV yang menampilkan semua acara olahraga terbaru dari seluruh dunia dan juga memainkan semua video musik favorit Anda. 

Kami juga ada Live Music setiap hari Jumat untuk hiburan Anda, bahkan jika Anda tidak suka bermain biliar. 

Suasananya di Dungeon sangat nyaman dan santai. Tempat ini seperti rumah kedua Anda dengan suasana yang enak. Staffnya selalu bersedia untuk menolong dan mereka sangat ramah. Gadis cantik PR kami akan menjagamu saat bermain biliar bahkan jika Anda datang sendirian. 

Dungeon juga merupakan tempat dimana Anda bisa bersenang-senang dan bertemu teman baru. Kunjungi kami segera dan mencari tahu mengapa semua orang sedang berbicara tentang tempat ini. 

Sementara temukan kami di Facebook untuk melihat apa yang telah kita lakukan dan acara-acara yang akan segera hadir. Kami berharap dapat melihat dan melayani Anda dan yang paling penting bersenang-senang bersama. Cheers! 



+62 21 719 2673



Kinara Building
Jalan Kemang Raya 78 B
Jakarta 12730




M-Th 3 pm – 2 am
F 3 pm – 3 am
Sat 12 noon – 3 am
Su 3 pm - 12 Midnight

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Dungeon Pool Lounge
Kinara Building
Jalan Kemang Raya 78 B
Jakarta 12730

Tel: +62 21 719 2673

Facebook : Dungeon Pool Lounge


Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 3 pm to 2 am
Friday : 3 pm to 3 am
Saturday: 12 noon to 3 am
Sunday: 3 pm to 12 midnight

Dungeon Pool Lounge is delighted to inform you of an exciting new development in pool play in the city – the Dungeon Ladder Challenge or DLC.

The DLC  will have the following principal features:

It will be open to all patrons of the Dungeon Pool Lounge who qualify for JP2, JPL.or Combo Challenge.

The DLC will launch on 1st April 2017 and complete no later than 14th June 2017 when the top 6 finishers will qualify for cash prize awards.

The DLC #1 will also get his or her name engraved on a quite magnificent new trophy sponsored by Sempoerna. The highest finishing Expat finisher will also receive a guaranteed place in the Jakarta All Stars team playing in the APC Championships in Bangkok in September 2017.

There will be a special launch event on Saturday the 1st April when all signed up members will be invited to join 6 hours of free play at the Dungeon to try and get themselves “up the Ladder.”

The Ladder will consist of a maximum of 32 players, ranked initially on skill level and utilising JP2’s Handicap Index (HCi) to get things going, but with HCi determined only by DLC results thereafter. HCi’s will be reviewed, and updated where appropriate, at end April and May.

Challenges will all be in race-to-5 format.

A maximum of 9 frames will be played in each Challenge Match in the order 2 x 8-Ball, 1 x 9-Ball, 1x 10-Ball when the cycle repeats, in that same order, until one of the players reaches the finishing line by winning 5 frames.

Participants must undertake to play a minimum average of one Challenge per week.

Players may Challenge up to the number of places resulting from their own numerical ladder position divided by 3 and rounded up or down as appropriate. As examples, the player on rung (position) #32 will be able to challenge up to 32/3 = 10 rungs (rounded down) above him or her at the time of Challenge while a player on rung 7 will be able to Challenge up to 7/3 = 2 rungs (rounded down) above him or her.

Two tables, tables 5 and 6, will also be available for free DLC play at the Dungeon every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday – just write the Challenge pairing up on the appropriate board to secure the table.

The Ladder Board itself will be adjacent to the DLC tables area and players themselves will be responsible for adjusting the placings immediately after a successful Challenge when the Challenger will take the place of the Challengee while the defeated Challengee will move down one rung.

On the 17th June, the whole Ladder will be involved in playoffs over 2 divisions; with those divisions based on finishing Ladder positions. Once again there will be cash prizes down to 4th place in each division with the division winners having their names engraved on new trophies generously sponsored by the Dungeon Pool Lounge.

The DLC Participation fee will be 250,000 and this can be handed over to any of  the committee members, Brian, Keith, Mark and Cliff at any time but certainly before your first Challenge Match.

Those DLC Prize Awards will be as follows:



Competition Rules
The Dungeon Ladder Challenge is a handicap-based competition between 32 registered players who challenge each other for rungs on the ladder.

Duration of the Ladder Challenge
This initial Ladder Challenge will run to 14 June with finals held on 17 June and commenced with a Ladder Challenge Launch on Saturday 1 April.  A second Challenge Saturday will be held on Saturday, 20 May. 

Challenge matches may be played anytime at Dungeon. Two tables are available for challenge matches, free of charge, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

At the conclusion of the challenge period, the top 6 players will be recognised, and the top expat player automatically selected for membership of the Jakarta All Stars team to play in the Asia Expat Challenge in Bangkok in September. There will also be special recognition for the top ranking female player on the Ladder.

The Challenge series will conclude with two double elimination finals series to be held on 17 June, one for positions 1 to 16 and the other for positions 17 to 32 with recognition for the top 4 players in each Division.

A magnificent Dungeon Ladder Challenge Cup has been sponsored by the Sampoerna Group and the winner’s name will be engraved on the Cup in perpetuity.

Making and Accepting Challenges
Each player is required to have made 10 challenges during the life of the competition with a minimum of one challenge to be made by each player per month.  A challenge is for the position the player holds at the time the challenge is accepted,  No Challenge shall be unreasonably refused. The committee will arbitrate if needed.

To enable challenges, players contact details are available throughthe Dungeon Ladder Challenge Whatsapp group. Arrange challenges directly through contacting players listed there.  Arranging challenges is the responsibility of players themselves.  The challenger will post the name of the person challenged and the position number held by the player under challenge.

Where a player is unable to participate in challenges for 3 or more daysdue to illness, work, family or other commitments but wishes to continue in the competition, the player will be given a leave of absence from the Challenge.  The player’s name will be highlighted in yellow on the daily updates published on the Whatsapp Group.  Please advise Buddy Loekito directly of your period of absence.See rules of the ladder section for how this affects which positions you may challenge for.

Starting Positions on the Ladder
Players areinitially assigned rungs on the ladder based on their handicaps, with the lowest handicap player allocated the highest rung on the ladder. Handicaps are based on Dungeon Combo and Jakarta Pool Players Handicap Indices.Players without handicaps are allocated a handicap by the Ladder Committee. Current player handicaps are posted next to the Ladder Board. 

Handicaps will be reviewed at the end of each month and prior to the finals and posted at Dungeon and on the Whatsapp group.  To qualify for the monthly handicap review, players must have played 45 frames during that month.  Where a player has played less frames, the player’s frames will be carried through to the following month for subsequent review.  Players with a frame win % of 45-55% will result in no change to the handicap.  Handicaps are adjusted up or down for every complete5% higher or lower than the median range.  For example, a player with a frame win % of 58% will have their handicap reduced by 1 point.  A player with a frame win % of 38% will have their handicap increased by 2.

Rules of the Ladder
Challenges may be made to players above you based on your position on the ladder. You may challenge anybody a third of the way up the ladder from your position(rounded) or 6 positions above you, whichever is the greater, excluding players marked unavailable.  For example, if you are on position number 27, you may challenge a player up to position number 18 on the ladder, that is, 27 – 27/3 (9) = 18.  If there are two absent players, highlighted in yellow on the daily update sheet, you may challenge up to position 16.  Normal rounding up and down rules apply.

You may only play one challenge match per day against the same player.  A day for these purposes is the “Dungeon Day” and lasts from opening to closing time of the Dungeon on a single day.  The winner of a challenge match either retains their position on the ladder as the defender of the position or loses the position to the challenger and drops one rung down the ladder. To enable other players access to challenge tables, players may only have two outstanding challenges at any time.

Challenges are valid for two days.  Any challenges that were valid at the time the challenge was accepted may still be played even though the player challenged, through playing other matches, may have moved out of range.  In that case, if the challenger were to win, the challenger would take the position of the player challenged at the time the challenge was accepted and the losing playerwould drop one position from their current position.

Please post the time and day of your challengeson the Whatsapp group so that Dungeon can schedule the matches on the Challenge tables. If players fail to mention a time then the time of the message will be used and cannot be changed after the publication of that day’s ladder positions.

Challenge Arrangements in the Final Week
Commencing on Sunday 11 June and running through to closing on Thursday 15 June, the following additional rules will apply to making and accepting challenges.  Players may only challenge for a position once in the last week.
Subject to being challenged, players must accept a minimum of 6 challenges and having played those 6 challenges players are not obligated to accept any further challenges.

Recording Challenge Results
There is a ladder board on the Dungeon wall which sets out the positions of the players. Where there is a successful challenge, then it is the responsibility of the successful challenger to adjust the positions on the board immediately upon conclusion of the Challenge match.

It is the responsibility of the winner of the challenge to advise the result of the match by posting to the Dungeon Ladder Challenge Whatsapp Group. Normally, posting is through a photo of the results on the table whiteboard which should include the names of the players, the position challenged for, the results and the time the match was completed.

A photo of the ladder board at the end of business each night will be posted on the Whatapp Group Chat so that you will have an up to date picture of who you can challenge.

Format of Challenge Matches
Challenge matches are a race to 5 frames of mixed format matches. Matches are to played in the following order: 8 ball; 8 ball; 9 ball; 10 ball. and repeated until 5 frames are won by one or other player.

Rules of Play
The World Pool-Billiards Association Rules apply, supplemented by the following local rules.

Order of Play
Order of play is determined by lag. Alternate breaks apply. (Reg. 15)

Re-spotting Balls
In nine or ten ball games, the opponent’s handicap balls sunk on the break, through a push shot or a foul following the break must be re-spotted as close as possible to the foot spot (Rule 1.4).  Handicap balls sunk incidentally during play are not re-spotted.

Jump Shots
Players should note that jump shots are permitted in all ladder challenge matches.

Handicap Rules
Handicaps apply. Handicaps are determined by balls, not by frames. The number of balls awarded to a higher handicap player is determined by a formula based on the difference between the two players handicap index. One ball handicap is awarded for each difference of 5 points in the Handicap index. For example, if a player has a handicap index of 18 and is playing a player with a handicap of 10, with the difference being 8, the higher handicap player is awarded a handicap of one ball. A handicap difference of 10 to 14 would result in 2 balls being given, 15 to 19 would result in 3 balls being given and so on.

8 Ball
A player with a one handicap ball advantage need only pocket six balls before shooting the 8 ball. For a player with a two-ball handicap, they need only pocket five balls, and so on. There is nothing to prevent the higher handicap player from pocketing more balls than required prior to shooting the 8 ball.

9 Ball
A player with a one ball handicap advantage need only pocket the 8 ball to win the match, the 7 ball for a two-ball handicap advantage, and so on.
An opponent’s handicap balls sunk on the break or by push out must be re-spotted on or as near as possible to the foot spot. 
A golden break only applies to the 9 ball.

10 Ball
The same handicap rules apply as for 9 ball.
There are no golden breaks.
10 balls sunk on the break must also be re-spotted.

Registrations for the current Ladder Challenge are now closed.  However, you may be added to a waiting list in the event players drop out.  New players will start at the foot of the ladder.